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Private tuition is available for beginners, intermediate or advanced students. All ages and abilities welcome. Start this week, next week or as discussed.

There are limited slots available for private guitar tuition.

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Beginner Lessons

Learn basic chords, easy strumming & picking patterns, popular guitar riffs & songs. Master simple techniques to get you started and sounding good in less time.

Intermediate Lessons

Learn more chords, scales, music theory and popular songs to advance your playing and get you sounding great.

Advanced Lessons

Learn more advanced barre chords, scales and modes, music theory and songwriting to advance your playing and get you sounding great.

2020 Lesson Schedule

Term 1 (7 weeks of lessons)
First week – Monday 17th February
Last week – Monday 30th March

Location & Pricing

Location: Nelson School of Music (48 Nile St)
Room: McKee Green (Room 15)
Booking Length: 8 weeks (per term)
Lesson Length: 30 mins
Pricing Total: $210 Term 1

*Payment for lessons can be made after booking via internet bank transfer.
*Only one cancellation per 8 week term can be re-scheduled for another time.

Music School

All students need to be enrolled with the Music School. This is a requirement of NCMA for all students attending lessons in the building. You will get some great benefits being a member.
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